Useful information – Myanmar


Myanmar is a very safe country for tourists in the areas through which we travel. For current Government travel advice, check: Foreign Office Website.


You will need a passport with valid visa, appropriate travel insurance, an international driving permit and your home-country driving licence. Visas can be obtained in advance, from the official government website.


The local currency of Myanmar is the Kyat, which is unobtainable before departure. This, however is not a problem, as local currency can be drawn from ATMs. Although major hard currencies may be accepted at larger shops and hotels, the local wonga will be accepted more widely.

As this tour is inclusive of all major costs, you will only need money for drinks, sundry items and any shopping you wish to do.

As the tour progresses, you can get updated advice on where to change money, or draw cash.

There are currently 2,523 Kyat to the UK Pound.


Myanmar is surprisingly warm and dry in winter. But nothing can be taken for granted and although rain is rare there is always a chance. Evenings remain warm in the lowlands, but cooler in the hills. The average daily maximum temperature likely to be encountered is around 34ºC (more typically 26-30ºC in daytime); the minimum 8ºC (rarely, at night, in the mountains).


On all tours we advise riders to consider their kit in terms of layers. Good quality gear can also prevent a minor spill causing a trip-ruining injury, so we require that you ride with no exposed skin (except your face). More on kit.


While your main luggage will be carried in a support vehicle, you may wish to bring a small rucksack or tail-pack in which to carry articles you need on the road. Your main bag must be ‘soft’ and not a suitcase. Critical documents should be carried on your body, not strapped to the bike.


This tour is not particularly demanding. If you have any existing medical condition, please consult both Blazing Trails and your doctor before booking.


While we insist those joining us have a full motorcycle licence, and recommend a minimum of two year’s riding experience, time in the saddle and miles ridden are of more relevance to an adventure like this. Traffic in most of Myanmar is very light and the speeds at which we travel are relatively low, but demands on planning and observation are high due to locals unused to traffic. Other factors making demands on riders are the sections of unpaved dirt roads.


Although there is always the chance of getting a ‘holiday tummy’, following a few simple guidelines, such as hand-washing keeps the chances of this to a minimum. If you have any pre-existing medical condition, it is essential that you consult both Blazing Trails and your physician before booking.


To check out our suggested packing list.