Customised Tours

Customised Tours

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Design your own touring itinerary, with assistance from Blazing Trails. With or without a support vehicle, flight-inclusive or not, we will be happy to help. We can tailor your agenda according to tour duration, distance travelled per day, cost and any other factors, putting the emphasis on what you want to see and do.

 Explore mountain, desert, coastal and wildlife destinations of your choosing, using fresh-as-a-daisy Triumph Tiger 800 XCXs, or Suzuki DL650 V-Stroms (2014-models). For further information on BIKES, bike upgrades and the terms and conditions of hire, please go HERE.


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As a participant in these tours you'll be met at the airport by a member of Blazing Trails' staff and transferred to your hotel, where there will be some paperwork to complete and where we will give you a briefing on the trip ahead. 

 When riding there will be a lead rider and, should you require it a sweeping/luggage-carrying vehicle at the rear. Tour participants will navigate using a 'marker' (also known as a 'buddy') system, whereby the rider behind the leader drops off at junctions and waits to guide those coming behind. 





The bikes available for design-it-yourself tours are Suzuki DL650 V-Stroms (2014 ABS-models). With a relaxed, 'dual purpose' riding position, they're comfortable for all-day riding. The engines are smooth and economical, with punchy low down torque and enough go for relaxed highway crusing. Pillion provision is generous, with a broad saddle and a good distance between saddle and footpegs. The bikes are equipped with topboxes for your on-the road carrying needs. If you are doing a tour without four-wheeler support, waterproof soft luggage can also be supplied. The bikes also feature hand guards and crash bars, to minimise any damage that might occur if the bike is dropped. 



We can arrange airport collections and transfers as required.


We can provide all kinds of accommodation, according to taste and budget. From back-packer joints, to five-star game lodges, the range of accommodation in southern Africa is extensive. The category you choose will obviously be reflected in the tour price.

Rooms would generally be included on a B&B basis, but we can also arrange fully inclusive deals.

Custom-groupsizeNumbers & duration

The more the merrier – or more economical. Generally the minimum number is two riders; the maximum eight.

 Tours can be arranged for any duration – from a day's ride-out to a month's southern Africa mega-tour.


custom-themesDestinations & Themes

We currently offer destinations in much of southern Africa, including South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia and Lesotho. Tours will start and finish in South Africa.

 Tell us what you want to see, or tell us about your interests and we will tailor the tour to you. We can put the emphasis on wildlife – whale-watching, shark-diving and safaris. If there's a specific animal, or animals you wish to see, we can even tailor the tour to give you the best chance to do so.

Fishing, boating, birding, wine-tasting, horse riding, historical destinations, or a few days in a beach destination can also be encompassed in an itinerary. It's all here.



How much riding do you want to do per day? How many off-the-bike days? What kind of roads? We can factor these considrations in. We can offer all-tarmac tours, or tours offering various grades of dirt roads. Please note, however, that we do not offer 'enduro' riding, as although the bikes will be equipped with suitable tyres they are large machines and we would like to minimise medical, mechanical and financial (your deposit) damage.



Tours can be arranged from as little as £140 per day, including bike, accommodation and guide. Factors affecting cost include group size, distances involved and accommodation standard.



To arrange your tour, call us on:

UK: 05605 366 6788

South Africa: 044 698 1275

Mail to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Useful Information


You will need a passport and appropriate travel insurance. Currently UK citizens (and those from most countries) will be granted a tourist visa upon arrival. It is, however, your responsibility to check that you can legally enter the country. Most 'western' driving licences are also valid, but please also check your status before travelling. You will need a credit card against which to secure your deposit on the bike.


For two weeks you should be able to get by on around £800 spending money if you don't do a lot of shopping. Cash and travellers' cheques can be changed at airports and in the larger towns. Cash points are widespread and most vendors accept credit/debit cards. Cash is best for fuel stations as it speeds up what can otherwise be a lengthy process. Depending on what bike you choose and how you ride it, expect to part with £250-£350 for fuel.


At the time of year we will be visiting, South Africa should be nice and sunny, but not too hot, even at the coast. Obviously, though, we can't guarantee this and you should be prepared for the possibility of a couple of wet days. If it does rain in the mountains it can be a bit chilly, but not really cold. The maximum temperature is likely to be around 30ºC on the coast; the minimum 8ºC (at night in the mountains, if it has been overcast during the day). On the coast, especially at The Cape, it can be pretty windy.

Bike Kit

We advise riders to consider their kit in terms of layers, so you can adjust to be comfortable during the course of a varied day. Clothing as you would wear on a tour of Europe is perfectly suitable, weather leathers, or textiles. Some kind of waterproofing is a very good idea. Good gear can also prevent a minor spill causing a trip-ruining injury, so we require that you ride with no exposed skin (except your face).


If using a support vehicle, our main bag must be 'soft' and not a suitcase.


You need not be any more fit on this tour than if you were riding in Europe. However, if you have any existing medical condition that may affect you during the tour, please consult your doctor and Blazing Trails before booking.

Riding Skills

While we insist those joining us have a full motorcycle licence, and recommend a minimum of a year's riding experience, time in the saddle and miles ridden are of more relevance to an adventure like this. There can be some fairly long days in the saddle, up to a maximum of around 450km (280 miles) in a day. We do, though, try to design the tours so you get an easier day, or down day, after a long ride.

Health & Hygiene

South Africa is a very clean and hygienic country (we'd say more so than the UK), with clean ablutions in abundance, and safe tap-water, so the chances of getting even a 'holiday tummy' are low. South Africa has a very low incidence of Malaria – virtually unheard of on this route), but we still recommend that you ask your physician for advice on inoculations. If you have any pre-existing medical condition, it is essential that you consult both Blazing Trails and your physician before booking.

Eating & Drinking

South African restaurant food will be familiar to those coming from the West. Food is of a high standard and is very good value (especially meat and seafood dishes), being around half the equivalent cost of the UK. One of the world's great wine producers, South Africa is a great place to sample the grape, which is also great value for money. Decent beers (mainly lagers) are available everywhere.

On our tours, food will only be inclusive where there is little or no choice, or where we have arranged something special (barbeques etc). For the number of meals included in the trip, see 'What The Tour Price Includes' (above). We have arranged the tour like this this, so participants can choose the what, wheres and explore for themselves. Not everybody wants to eat in a group every night, eat the same thing, or at the same time. We will, however, be happy to advise on eateries…


As with eating, we do not want to prescribe what non-riding activities you chose to participate in. In many places there are several options, so we will be happy to advise, put you in touch with the right people and let you decide.

Personal Safety

While South Africa has had some pretty bad press in recent years for violent crime, very little of this nature happens in the tourist areas through which we will be travelling. And, as ever, the media tends to sensationalize the bad and ignore the good. Being guided through the 'right' areas in a group greatly mitigates the chances of encountering unpleasantness. Petty crime – pick-pocketing and theft – happens, as it does in virtually all tourist destinations with a wide gulf between rich and poor. A few simple precautions, like keeping your wallet/docs in an inside pocket and leaving nothing unattended on the bike, should mean a trouble-free tour.

Medical facilities

Unlike our Asian tours, we feel South Africa has developed enough emergency services and an efficient private health-care system (along with European standards of driving) to mean that we don't need to travel with a fully-qualified medic. Travel insurance, including medical cover, is compulsory on this trip.


How To Make A Booking

Holiday bookings can be made by phone, via email, or over the internet.

Contact us by any of the means above.

Upon deciding to book, please pay a deposit of £700.00 into our bonded account (or the full balance if within two months of the departure date). This can be done by credit/debit card through our website or over the phone, by bank transfer, by over-the-counter payment, or by sending a cheque to our UK representative.

Having booked with Blazing Trails, you will be sent all the necessary information on timings and meeting points. You may also like to use our website, or Facebook group, to liaise with others.

PLEASE NOTE: A maximum of one week (seven days) will be allowed for your deposit payment to reach and clear in our bonded account. Should this not happen, we can suspend your booking and may have to give your place on tour to somebody else.



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